apart-ed – public performance

001 - APART ED

The work is in alignment with educating audiences/ spectator and the general public about our sociological debris that is facing our South African nation. The rising panic of the E-bola disease, the denial of the Hi virus are the malignant focal points of this work using alternative performance art to engage audience at a deeper level and consciousness.

The work is set in a parking lot, the performer stands in the center, dressed in parking officials uniform as the audience walks in. He carries a feather duster and a vacuum cleaner. After the audience has entered- he begins allocating the audience into different lines and starts cleaning the audience with the feather duster and the cleaner. He wears a white mouth mask and his words become un-audible as a referral to the ignorance that our South African individuals have adopted by ignoring the most important issues of cultural unity, ubuntu and nation building.

The performer ends by dancing in an emotive dance performance, muttering the trials, the pain that he is going through as an emerging artist within the South African continent.

by Finch Thusi

003 - APART ED


One thought on “apart-ed – public performance

  1. The art and science of engaging and empowering the nation for continuous improvement growth, sustainability, deployment and socio-ecodevelopment .

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