The Office


Park(ing) Day Johannesburg began with the coldest, windiest day in Gauteng’s early spring; the wintery weather required steadfast dedication to the cause of Park(ing) Day as the Johannesburg team braved the early morning rush in the city’s busy Braamfontein district and set up the ‘Morning Office’ on Juta Street.

The parking attendant seemed slightly surprised to see the ‘Morning Office’ on her arrival to work, but took it in her stride as the team paid its parking fee and settled into the morning routine of eggs, email, coffee and conversation with bemused passerbys.

The office was intended to be the information desk to start the day and explain to pedestrians the theme of mobility the Johannesburg had decided as well as circulate the maps indicating the various points of intervention for the rest of the day.

The office extended into the day office as more people joined and began relaxing on the bean bags and urban carpet provided by Johannesburg’s Impact Hub.

Team: Blanca Calvo, Io Makandal Schiess, Jhono Bennett


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